Very fun loving gir

sam, 23 y.o.

Srīnagar, India


m a girl of my dreams and stories,,,m very fun loving  girl,,,actually heart of the party….if situation demands me to laugh,i will…if situation demands me to dance,i will…but this the the demand of the situation around me not of my heart…people say m rare like angel…but you know angel are not ment to cry or to scream in alone…


please help me in learning russian and spanish….

Favorite Music

Khwaishon ka chehra kyun
Dhundhla saa lagta hai
Kyun an-ginat khwahishein hain
Khwahishon ka pehraa
Kyun thehraa sa lagta hai
Kyun ye ghalat khwaishein hain
Har mod par phir se mud jaati hai
Khilte huey pal me murjhati hai, Hai besharam
Phir bhi sharmaati hai khwaishein

Zindagi ko dheere dheere
Dasti hain khwahishein
Aansun ko peete peete
Hansti hain khwahishein
Uljhi hui kashmakash mein
Umar kat jaati hai

Aankhein mich jaaye jo ujaalon mein
Kis kaam ki aisi roshni
O o bhatka ke naa laaye jo kinaron pe
Kis kaam ki aisi kashti
Aandhi har dheere se laati hai
Vaada kar dhokha de jaati hai
Muh pher hans ke chidaati hai Khwaishein…

Zindagi ko dheere dheere
Dasti hain khwaishein
Ansoon ko peete peete
Hansti hai khwahishein
Uljhi hui kashmakash mein umar kat jaati hai

Favorite Quotes

“M designEd TO livE alon3 as m spEcial lIkE AN angEl…m nOt alLowed TO lovE bUt TO b lovEd…ma dEstiny IS TO wait FOR THE TIME till mY soul answErs mY body BEcoZ  i am unconditionaly in love with him…i dnt have strEnght TO stay awAy FrOm him but m hElpless,hv 2 go fAr awAy…

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